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Good enough!

December 26, 2012


As a successfully recovering over-preparer…I’d like to share what my daughter shared with me…what she gleaned from my becoming more of a “being” than a “doer” — Hard isn’t always better (you don’t get extra points for choosing the hard way) and spontaneity offers great often unrecognized benefits. I didn’t know that was the (new) message I […]

Are you working for peanuts?

May 15, 2012


No — this isn’t an entry about competitive salaries or how to get a raise! Charles Wheelan gives a different perspective on life in What They Don’t Tell You at Graduation – where he lists ten lessons young people need to know. Dare I say — it’s worth your time to listen to these lessons as […]

What is your work’s intent?

May 13, 2012


“When you start creating for and in honor of those that have made a difference to you, your work changes.” Seth’s Blog: Dedicating the merit. Thank you Seth Godin…this opened my mind to a new way to look at work! What an amazing insight. In the last couple years I have started setting intention for […]

Have you ever said…I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

April 13, 2012


The Good Jobs is all about choices, authenticity and the alignment of your work and life styles.  In addition we’ve also had lots of discussion about “fit” and “culture.”  We haven’t talked about balance here because really — balance is a choice and so is working 24/7. Earlier in my life personally the password I used […]

I’ll procrastinate another day…

March 3, 2012


The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life. Jessica Hische Not sure if this quote is always true for me.  And before I say why first let me give credit to the artist Jessica Hische and who posted this on Facebook today. […]