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The Autism Advantage –

December 3, 2012


Inclusion is good for business. This very special company Denmark, Specialisterne is proving it one consultant at a time. Espousing on  on the fact that every individual has their own unique strengths this company places adults with autism in work assignments and are having great success.  They believe in the “Dandelion model”: …when dandelions pop […]

B Corp – Certification for Socially Responsible Companies

November 9, 2012


Triple Bottom Line  —  Socially Responsible   —   Conscious Consumerism  —  Corporate Responsibility Is your company talking about these things in your strategy meetings?  If so, please do not stop GO directly to B Corp. and check out the great things they are doing to certify companies embracing the above business commitments. Here is a […]

Good fit questions FROM job seekers – really!

July 23, 2012


Companies are building their competitive edge by promoting their employment brand and using their engagement programs and retention strategies as recruiting tools to top talent! Without question — recruiters and HR leaders know that “fit” is a critical factor to individual and company success. Actually Chris Forman founder of  StartWire and former CEO of AIRS (now an ADP […]

Doing Good is in High Demand!

July 17, 2012


Yup — told ya!  Glad to see this validation coming from an interesting source – The Economist! Do take the time to read this …Social enterprises: Working overtime …and keep reading below. Individuals are looking for purpose — for meaningful work…and I must say this is not only a Gen Y phenomenon. Daniel Pink — author […]

Another reason to help your employees engage…

June 18, 2012


Ok — full discloser … I’ve been a fan of Gallup’s Q12 and employee engagement studies for many years but only learned of their Well-Being Index recently. We’ve been aware that engagement and retention programs have an ROI related to productivity, attendance, and reduced turnover…here is information that each of us need to understand. The […]

Good job? Good job!

May 17, 2012


So with 5 generations in the workforce — what’s important to them all?  Meaningful work! This raises a great question Is it a Good Job If I’m Not Doing Good? Click on the link to the article asking the question and you’ll be treated to an easy discussion about the topic. Personally I feel if you are […]

By definition, this “failure is not an option” mentality means that “creativity is not an option” either.

March 14, 2012


If you have ever told a co-worker or direct report or even your boss…”We can’t do this — we’ll get sued!”…you need to read this article. It is an interesting piece that will help us all understand why this attitude is stifling innovation, creativity and ultimately success…your personal success and your organizations success! Why We […]