About Anne Nimke

Who me? I’m Anne with an ‘e’, Anne Grace, and sometimes Annie or agn!

I’m a recovering workaholic who believes that we (me included) can find harmony, happiness in addition to hard work and great success in our jobs.

How we work is changing!

Why we work is changing too!

With almost 35 years of experience in HR, recruiting, staffing and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) I know that these statements are true. And they couldn’t be truer for me personally. My work experience includes a variety of positions as an HR Practitioner at Miller Brewing Company and a number of jobs in the Staffing and RPO Industry including Recruiter, Branch Manager, as well as Executive and Entrepreneurial roles that include President and COO.  I absolutely loved growing our businesses by helping companies assess their strategic talent needs and solve their  recruitment challenges. At their best, our companies became thriving communities. It was incredibly fulfilling to manage, develop and lead such talented people and teams. Life long relationships were built. During those years a few other incredible relationships were formed…I have three wonderful children.  The “single Mom executive” track has been both thrilling and exhausting. There were lots of fast roller coaster rides, long days and sleepless nights, as well as many successes and celebrations. No regrets!

As I look towards the next 50 years of my life I am committed to create a time and space where a “good” life and “good” work can intersect successfully for myself, for others and for organizations. We all spend way too much time of every day working not to be happy doing it.

On this journey I realized that I could choose among many different roles…but it was who I worked with and what company that I worked and why I did it that makes the difference every workday. I also found there is no easy way for job seekers to find jobs at companies based on what the company stands for and what they offer their employees. Today, job seekers read poorly written job postings, edit their resumes to match what they think the employer wants, and have no idea what kind of company they are applying to. There’s no easy way to find good jobs at good companies. “Somebody” ought to create a way to find good jobs at good companies!

So during a conversation and a couple of margaritas with a good friend, WE decided to create it. My friend, Betsy Rowbottom,  is now my business partner and we have built The Good Jobs™ (www.thegoodjobs.com). The Good Jobs™ is an online employment solution providing individuals and companies with a totally new way to connect. The Good Jobs™ connects job-seekers to the opportunities that meet their unique expectations, life/work style, and personal values. As importantly, it offers companies an outlet to showcase their unique brand, culture, and commitment to those individuals who care about the same things.

The Good Jobs™ provides a platform for people to match their skills, talent and experience; and most notably is the only conduit offering an avenue to match their individual passions with companies who support and share those passions. Once united, their combined efforts accomplish individual and organizational goals with dedication, enthusiasm and joy.  An effective bi-product of this union is the “greater good” that is created for the individual, organization, community and beyond.

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