Switching Careers at Midlife to Make a Difference

Posted on January 4, 2013



No question I CAN relate to the first line of this article…

Switching Careers at Midlife to Make a Difference - NYTimes.com

I CAN pinpoint the time in my career when I started to question what I was doing with my life.

There are 5 generations in the workforce and the one thing that all can agree when they really think about it is…all are looking for meaningful work.  That means lots of different things to different people and everyone has a choice.

But if you’re over 50 it could be a little more important and possible.

For me – after being a single Mom for about 15 years and my two oldest children out of college and my baby’s college tuition “in the bank” my view of my world changed…and so did my view of the world of work I “lived” in.

This article Switching Careers at Midlife to Make a Difference – NYTimes.com. and Encore.org – second acts for the greater good visits this topic…

It may be simply that you’re looking to work for a company that aligns more with what you believe — or it might transition you right off “Main Street”!

Check it out if you’re asking…”What am I doing with my life?”