Good enough!

Posted on December 26, 2012


As a successfully recovering over-preparer…I’d like to share what my daughter shared with me…what she gleaned from my becoming more of a “being” than a “doer” —

Hard isn’t always better (you don’t get extra points for choosing the hard way) and spontaneity offers great often unrecognized benefits.

I didn’t know that was the (new) message I was sending — but glad that it is.

Do you struggle with over planning…did you have anxiety about all the holiday gift giving, dinner prep, expectations setting and meeting…

Check out Jonathan Fields blog —

Maybe not the same sentiment — but there are a couple of other great quips that are meaningful from my past and they are still meaningful guides I often have to remind myself.

On analysis paralysis — “Get it roughly right!”

On perfectionism — “Perfect is the enemy of good!”

Hope as you step into the new year — as Jonathan says

…respond not to what you’ve prepped for, but what’s in front of you. Because that’s where the magic happens. When release yourself from the blinders of what you think will happen into the reality of what is  happening…

Happy New Year!