The Autism Advantage –

Posted on December 3, 2012


Inclusion is good for business. This very special company Denmark, Specialisterne is proving it one consultant at a time.

Espousing on  on the fact that every individual has their own unique strengths this company places adults with autism in work assignments and are having great success.  They believe in the “Dandelion model”:

…when dandelions pop up in a lawn, we call them weeds, he said, but the spring greens can also make a tasty salad. A similar thing can be said of autistic people — that apparent weaknesses (bluntness and obsessiveness, say) can also be marketable strengths (directness, attention to detail). “Every one of us has the power to decide,” he said to the audience, “do we see a weed, or do we see an herb?”

This method and vision is at the very core of what inclusion and diversity is all about. And honestly it is at the heart of innovation as well.

On this Monday morning…please take a few minutes to read this wonderful story of how to embrace the success and beauty of choosing to see the herbs instead of the weeds.   The Autism Advantage –