Doing Good is in High Demand!

Posted on July 17, 2012


Yup — told ya!  Glad to see this validation coming from an interesting source – The Economist!

Do take the time to read this …Social enterprises: Working overtime …and keep reading below.

Individuals are looking for purpose — for meaningful work…and I must say this is not only a Gen Y phenomenon.

Daniel Pink — author of Drive and A Whole New Mind sees a “tsunami of purpose” coming from Baby Boomers. These talented people in the “Encore Career Stage” have put in the time and effort to develop careers/jobs and status have now paid all the bills to build their house(s) and launch their children and are looking for meaningful work too!

Meaningful work is not only available at non-profits and volunteer work…as I meet with companies (large and small). I am finding more and more organizations take their employment brand and culture very seriously and when they do — corporate responsibility, social responsibility, community involvement and investments as well as many other “good” activities, programs and amenities are high on their list.  Where “triple bottom line” success is the companies goal. Check out B Corp where they refine success in business — “Don’t be the best IN the world — be the best FOR the world!”

Many companies also encourage and organize volunteer opportunities for their employees and customers as well as offer employees compensation for their volunteering.  If you’d like to see an example of how an organization is committed to volunteerism check out this link on Allstate Insurance’s Website…where every day is “Give Back Day”

Working at a “good job” at a “good company” can be as meaningful and impactful as working at a non-profit.