Engaged employees are critical to creating an engaged workplace

Posted on June 28, 2012


I found Timothy R. Clark’s point of view in his book The 5 Ways That Highly Engaged Employees Are Different about culture and engagement right on and yet a new thought that I hadn’t considered is:

Highly engaged employees must take primary responsibility. They must take the lead.

As an individual, you’re responsible for enabling behavior.

We’ve talked about “everyone is an independent contractor”!  More and more individuals know they are personally responsible for their own career and satisfaction.  So it follows and has been stated by as HR Solutions Inc…that employees also are responsible for their own engagement. They offer a tool for employees to measure their own engagement and how to improve it.

According to Clark — individuals who are engaged exhibit six behavioral drivers







So as leaders —

Can we recognize these individuals and help them continue to mobilize these drivers at your organization?

Can we teach and encourage these behaviors with all of our managers, executives, employees?

Can we add interview questions to our screening to hire more engaged employees that already exhibit these drivers?

Why not?