Talent Advice from an Unlikely Source

Posted on June 26, 2012


As an seasoned HR professional and entrepreneur (with a budding startup) I was just a tad skeptical when a fellow entrepreneur said there was an interesting article written by a VC (venture capitalist) about “retention”!  My respect for Troy and sheer curiosity had me look up this VC’s musings immediately.

Well — this VC, Fred Wilson has a very smart point of view about talent! I couldn’t help but look for additional blog posts from him on the subject.

Lots of information about selection and engagement is written for established organizations with a recruiting and HR team.  For startups and small businesses the need for the hiring and retaining the right people is even more critical.  It’s super critical not only because there is a small number of employees every wrong hire could be a disaster but also because in small companies there is usually no one with recruiting, employee relations experience. Entrepreneurs often though have  a keen vision of the “culture” they want to build.

I am so pleased to see this seasoned investor share his experience about this strategic issue…TALENT!

If you are a startup or small business — READ WHAT FRED HAS TO SAY… and read the comments too!

Whether you are large or small it is worth your while to read Fred’s advice on:

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with VCs that were always smart and supportive. I can’t say though, that they understood talent as well as Fred does.  Well done!