If you don’t know where you’re going — surely you will get there!

Posted on June 21, 2012


When coaching a job seeker or interviewing a candidate I always ask …WHAT DOES A GOOD JOB LOOK LIKE TO YOU?

Whether I am consulting with a customer, creating a recruitment marketing plan, designing a new employment process or even helping my daughter plan her wedding…the most important question I keep asking is WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE?

Do You Know What “Success” Means for You?  This is a great article to read, think about and maybe even write a few journal entries about. Yup — write it down…and every day make decisions that keep your compass focused on your personal definition of success. By all means — share it with the people who are important to you and to the people you spend most of your time with.

Now — if you are a manager, in HR, or a strategic leader where you work…read this article again and think about what your company and department stands for…what is it’s culture.  It isn’t what you say it is — it is what it is.  So what is it?  How do you know? Start with the present state of affairs…reality.

  • Ask a few people what words they would use to describe your culture or department?
  • What activities, programs, and how you work/play together illustrate what you stand for?
  • What is rewarded and recognized?
  • What do you celebrate — publicly and privately?
  • What are your goals — written/unwritten?
  • Do you have a stated mission/vision?
  • Take your stress and satisfaction temperature (Do the same for the people around you).

If the answers all align — then you’re in good shape. The question is — are they all aligned in the direction you want them to be? If so — they you are all on the right path toward the right goal! If not — time for some strategic thinking and change.

If the answers don’t align — time for some strategic thinking and change.

Time to start strategizing and changing?  If so — start with — WHAT WILL SUCCESS LOOK LIKE?