Another reason to help your employees engage…

Posted on June 18, 2012


Ok — full discloser … I’ve been a fan of Gallup’s Q12 and employee engagement studies for many years but only learned of their Well-Being Index recently.

We’ve been aware that engagement and retention programs have an ROI related to productivity, attendance, and reduced turnover…here is information that each of us need to understand. The country and your company’s and your own personal healthcare costs are part of the potential costs and ROI related to employee engagement.

Engaged workers are in the best health, reporting rates of chronic illnesses that are much lower than the actively disengaged and unemployed populations.

Just think how hard it is to take care of yourself when you are unhappy or intimidated or bored. For the full article — read Actively Disengaged Workers and Jobless in Equally Poor Health.

The multiplicity of activities and programs that companies are putting in place to create an engaged culture are many!  Reward and wellness programs, great benefits and social activities are part of the strategy. This article however sites that “how employees are managed can significantly influence employee engagement and disengagement, which in turn influences an organization’s bottom line.”

The complexity of the relationship between a manager and individual is only trumped by the uniqueness of each person. But with that said — if leaders feels their culture is defined by their programs or benefits and the mission quoted in the lobby or their website or even by their financial results and trajectory…they better start looking a little deeper if they really want to make a difference.

As an individual…you can make a difference…how are you interacting with others, are you in a job or company that is the right fit for your life/work style and talent? Do you have the good job that is right for you? Are you one of those unhappily and disengaged employee? Time to take inventory on your personal work situation.  Your life may depend on it!