Fun companies can be choosier, but…

Posted on June 5, 2012


FIT is becoming more and more important to job seekers and employers.

When you think about buying a home or apartment…you aren’t just looking for 5 bedrooms and 2 baths!  Where do you start? You start with the neighborhood. (see video at

Things that are important in the neighborhood where you want to live include:

  • Can you walk to get the paper and a cup of coffee?
  • How far is the entrance to the nearest highway entrance?
  • What is the “state” of the school district?
  • How long is the commute to work for you and your significant other?
  • Are there trees on the property?
  • How much will it cost me to live there?
  • What is the noise level (traffic, neighbors)?

This article In Race to Recruit, Silicon Valleys Startups Outgunning Old Rivals | Fox Business highlights how companies have specific attributes “seduce” talent. Discerning job seekers assess the company where they choose to go to work (live) every work day. Some things that are important present the workplace and things that illustrate the company (work neighborhood) include:

  • Amenities at the workplace
  • Culture
  • Management style
  • Commitment to the planet
  • Extreme benefits
  • Philanthropic investments
  • Size, speed, age
  • Investment in employee career development / growth opportunities
  • Level of fun
  • Schedule flexibility

Whether a company is a “24×7 organization”, of works to be “family friendly”,  “strives to have a smaller carbon footprint” or “compensates employees for volunteer work”. Fun is certainly not the only draw for talent.

More and more companies are creating employee engagement programs, retention plans as well as defining and promoting their employment brands and cultures…and so they should.

Are you utilizing this information well in your recruitment strategy?