The Slow Death of the Cubicle

Posted on May 22, 2012


Ah the Googlization of the workplace…I love it!  In this article by Dr. John Sullivan he attributes the death of cubicle and a new way to look at how a physical workspace impacts productivity and innovation to Google. The Death of the Cubicle — and the Killers Are Collaboration and Innovation –

How we work is changing!





Where we work is changing!

Who is responsible for your business’s “office space”? Who is responsible for “innovation” at your organization?

As owners of “talent management and talent acquisition” HR needs to at least be in the conversation about these two topics. Are you? Take a few moments to read this article and if nothing else — pass it along to people who can do something about “where you work”!

Would love to hear about interesting organizations and what you do to create a work space to foster innovation through how your furniture, walls and people are arranged!