Have you ever said…I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

Posted on April 13, 2012


The Good Jobs is all about choices, authenticity and the alignment of your work and life styles.  In addition we’ve also had lots of discussion about “fit” and “culture.”  We haven’t talked about balance here because really — balance is a choice and so is working 24/7. Earlier in my life personally the password I used to sign in to my computer was “f*** balance” because balance just wasn’t an option in my life.  I worked hard and was a single Mom and the only balance I had was on the teeter-totter balancing family and work…and I did (or tried to do) both at full tilt!  Can’t say I didn’t love it! I can say I have no regrets!  At the time the only enough in my vocabulary was “it isn’t enough” and for the goals I had at the time it worked for me.

Today I’ve accepted that “hard” is not always the best choice…even if you can do it.  For those of you who are in the “enough is enough” stage at work and life….this is some encouragement for you. Brene Brown is a researcher/storyteller and I love her thought provoking work. She speaks well to individuals, employees, and parents who are looking to add some balance and joy in their life.

Here’s a quick excerpt…”How do you “rest when it’s done” when it’s never done?  If we don’t rest before we’re done we’re likely to create something that reflects our exhausted selves rather than our best selves. We’ll accomplish a lot but rather than feeling satisfied, we’ll just see our accomplishments as more things to cross off our relentless to-do list. We feel resentful and wiped out rather than proud and fulfilled.”

the worst advice. EVER.  – my blog – Ordinary Courage.

What is your workplace like? What is your schedule like? There is no right or wrong answer…just the one that is right for you!

Are you living the schedule that matches what your want your schedule to be?

Do your life and work styles align? If so — congrats and share your story…if not…what is keeping you from making the choices that help you reach your goals.