Where does wellness begin?

Posted on March 19, 2012


What can you as an employee do to may your day at work more “ok” for you?  You may be a Recruiter, Manager, or Business Owner…but think of this…

  • We are all employees right?
  • We go to work every day.
  • We all have the potential to be unhappily employed or engaged.
  • So for a moment put yourself in the role of the employee not someone who is responsible for employees.

The attached article is focuses on what individuals can do for themselves to help make their day at work at feel a little more comfortable. Personally one day I brought a favorite quirky lamp  from home and set it on my desk. It made a difference – I just couldn’t stand the cold glow of the florescent light in my office. That little lamp warmed the office for me & others who came in to meet with me.

All in a Day’s Work is an article that was published in WholeLiving Magazine in January…not an HR Journal or Recruiting Magazine. How nice it is to see that how we align our work and lifestyles is becoming more and more mainstream.

Share with us all what you do (or have done) to make your day better for YOU! What are you going to choose to do TODAY to add some personal wellness to your day?