Employee Engagement This and That and Stats

Posted on March 16, 2012


If you are looking for some data and or some ideas about how and what to discuss related to Employee Engagement take a look at this webcast by SilkRoad and Avatar HRSolutions Inc.

Social Talent Management Software Solutions | Cloud HR Software | SilkRoad.

The first half hour is full of survey results from a survey conducted by Silkroad.

After a little too long introduction — some good points include:

  • This is important but not being mobilized well — engagement programs and surveys that are generationally focused. Millennials will be almost 50% of the workforce by 2014…don’t underestimate the impact!
  • Companies with a highly engaged culture show 3x the profitability of companies with a lower engagement.
  • While productivity and lower turnover are sited as key results of a high level of employee engagement (of course) the reduction in the hard costs of decreased absenteeism is significant and needs to be added to your ROI reporting.
  • Amazingly — when hospital employees are more engaged — staff compliance with hand-washing goes up!!!  Talk about how employee engagement can affect your customers!!!

I didn’t find the second half of the webcast as “engaging” (sorry for the pun) actually I even found myself rolling my eyes once or twice!  Even with that said… a few points are worth thinking about and recognizing as important.

First — employee satisfaction and employee engagement are two different things. Never thought about it — but this is true!

Second — engagement is not only “management’s responsibility…employees need to have participation and take some responsibility for their own engagement. Actually – HRSolutions offers a tool that allows employees to measure their own engagement.  Here is a link for a free trial. (http://www.hrsolutionsinc.com/peer.cfm).

Lastly — only 5% of performance reviews have a dialog about engagement. WOW — it is a perfect time for managers to discuss with their direct reports.  Now we need to help managers know how to ask the questions, how to respond and what to do with the information they gather during that dialog. This is a GREAT observation! And oh! BTW HRSolutions Inc sponsors a great LinkedIn Group called the Employee Engagement Emporium – I highly recommend joining this group if this is a topic of interest for you.

So — would love to hear what you found important from these speakers and any other input you might have. Also — how many of you share the results of your employee satisfaction or employee engagement surveys with your job seekers on your career site or during the interviewing process?