By definition, this “failure is not an option” mentality means that “creativity is not an option” either.

Posted on March 14, 2012


If you have ever told a co-worker or direct report or even your boss…”We can’t do this — we’ll get sued!”…you need to read this article. It is an interesting piece that will help us all understand why this attitude is stifling innovation, creativity and ultimately success…your personal success and your organizations success!
Richard Crespin who is the Executive Director of Corporate Responsibility Magazine wrote this and I am so impressed that he quoted another person who I follow regularly — Brene Brown.
This is a must read in light of the many conversations I’ve had with conservative and litigiously fearful customers and recruiters, as well as HR and AA and Legal Departments I have worked with in the past.
It is also related to those people I’ve talked with about publishing their authentic brand or the unique benefits, amenities they offer employees (or some employees). It is related to the people who are afraid to publish all but the blandest facts about their culture and benefits. And to those recruiting leaders who let their recruiters hide behind rigid recruiting processes in order to “knock-out” candidates as quickly as possible because they didn’t follow the “instructions” regardless of how talented they are.
Ok — I’m venting a bit here…
Do take the time to read the article.  Please share the times you did or did not do something really creative with an interesting potential because someone said (or you said to yourself)  “We can’t do this — we’ll get sued!”