Why why why why why we don’t grab the bananas here?

Posted on March 3, 2012


I was recently following a LinkedIn discussion from a recruiter who asked the following question…If our process says the candidate must submit a CV and the candidate sends a link to their LinkedIn profile — should I consider the candidate.  Hundreds and hundreds of comments were made on this post. 50% of the respondents said in so many words “this candidate can’t follow directions and they don’t deserve the job” and 50% of the commenters said “your process is too restrictive and you are potentially knocking out very talented people.”

You tell me who has been taught “we don’t grab bananas here” and who is asking the “5 WHYS”.  If you’re interested in more info about these 2 thoughts read this…Change Your Employees’ Minds, Change Your Business – Scott Keller and Kaleen Love – Harvard Business Review.

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