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Where does wellness begin?

March 19, 2012


What can you as an employee do to may your day at work more “ok” for you?  You may be a Recruiter, Manager, or Business Owner…but think of this… We are all employees right? We go to work every day. We all have the potential to be unhappily employed or engaged. So for a moment […]

Employee Engagement This and That and Stats

March 16, 2012


If you are looking for some data and or some ideas about how and what to discuss related to Employee Engagement take a look at this webcast by SilkRoad and Avatar HRSolutions Inc. Social Talent Management Software Solutions | Cloud HR Software | SilkRoad. The first half hour is full of survey results from a […]

By definition, this “failure is not an option” mentality means that “creativity is not an option” either.

March 14, 2012


If you have ever told a co-worker or direct report or even your boss…”We can’t do this — we’ll get sued!”…you need to read this article. It is an interesting piece that will help us all understand why this attitude is stifling innovation, creativity and ultimately success…your personal success and your organizations success! Why We […]

Culture and Authenticity

March 12, 2012


On Friday I found a new blog post that had me very intrigued … the core message so aligned with what I believed I wanted to read it again and again as well as explore just who is this blogger?!  Here is what touched my heart and echoed my beliefs. It’s great to become an […]

Believe in somebody today!

March 5, 2012


When it comes to being happy and balanced at work there is a great deal of conversation about employers and the way they should show how much they support their employees with programs, incentives and a great culture. Here is a great reminder (by Alison Citti, Sr Director, Yoh RPO) about the importance of seeing […]

Culture Vs. Strategy Is A False Choice | Fast Company

March 4, 2012


Thanks to Dan for sending me this post — and saying “this puts an “exclamation point” on The Good Jobs! He’s right — This is a great article about the dual importance of strategy and culture. The best situation is when culture and strategy are both functioning well and for the benefit of all stakeholders. […]

Are you even asking your employees what they think?

March 4, 2012


Great article that helps leaders deal with and respond to employee surveys! Reminds me of a book I read a while back (on another subject)…First You Cry! Kudos to companies who have the courage to survey their employees! How do you deal with the information, comments, criticisms you hear from your employees? Or do you […]